With transfer deadline day upon us, fans around the country will be glued to their TV waiting to see which masked TV Reporter is camped outside their club's training ground ready to reveal the signing that will push their club to the next level. Or will it?

As we continue through the 'Covid-Era', income is down, yet the investment in players continues. £50m here, £75m there. The question is, are clubs signing the right player or the player that is available right now?

Year on year, we see these deals pass through at the last minute which raises the same questions about how decisions are made. Is it subjective opinion? Are scouts as important as they once were? Are players profiled against the club they are joining? What role can data play in the decisions made on players? 

With fans still at home and a greater need than ever to balance the books, maybe it's time to embrace technology and how it can help us make informed decisions on a more regular basis.